A Quality Education in a Christian Environment
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Franklin Academy is a triply certified school (MAIS (formerly MPSA), state of Louisiana and SACS accredited) that enrolls students grades PK – 12. Our staff is composed of 18 certified teachers, paraprofessionals for classroom aid and enhancement, one counselor, one secretary, one business manager, two administrators, five cafeteria and janitorial workers, and six adjunct coaches. Our student body is currently at 260+ from grades PK – 12.

The current curriculum structure in the high school meets the requirements for all accreditation purposes.  This includes a strong college preparatory array of classes meeting the Louisiana TOPS requirements.  In addition, a limited number of electives are offered for those students not following such a rigorous outline of classes.

The junior high and elementary school, as the high school, follow a state approved and state adopted curriculum which includes McGraw Hill Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, Science and Social Studies; Saxon Math, and teacher-tailored enrichment which includes rotations of PE, Library, Art, Spanish, and Science Exploration.




The nine-weeks grades shall be determined by averaging number (percentages and point value systems) grades.


The grading scale is

100 – 93


4 quality points

92 – 85


3 quality points

84 – 77


2 quality points

76 – 69


1 quality points

68 – 0


0 quality points

(An honors grading scale has been approved and will be applied to any course so designated.)

In order for students to receive credit for a course, at least 4 quality points (via letter grades) must be earned for the year, with 2 of those being earned during the last semester.  The percentage grades from the first two nine-weeks shall be the grades used to determine the semester average grade. The percentage grades from all four nine weeks shall be used to determine the final (year) grade average.   In determining any average, anything ½  (.5) or higher goes to the higher number.

Exception:  A minimum of 69 is required to receive a D.

****For students coming into FA from an honors system, the LA TOPS conversion formula shall be used to convert all grades to a flat 4.0 standard, as per LA TOPS bulletin. FA will only record and report grades on the 4.0 standard in official correspondence.