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March 30, 2011

Update on State information.  The state competition is Saturday, April 16th in Hammond, LA at Southeastern Louisiana University.  We will be traveling on Friday, leaving when students are finished testing.


I have a block of rooms reserved at the Holiday Inn in Hammond for Friday night.  I also have reservations at Cate Street Restaurant in Hammond for all of us to have dinner together around 5:30-6pm.  More details to follow later.


The competition begins around 8am Saturday morning and concludes with the awards ceremony around 4pm.  I should get a schedule sometime after we return from Spring Break and will also have more details then.


 See the facebook group called Franklin Academy Science Olympiad for the lastest update.



March 21, 2011

It is down to the last few days for regionals, and I am excited about this year's competition. There are a few details we need to finalize before Saturday.


Be finishing any reference sheets this week.  Please give them to me so I can review them and make a copy. 


I will be staying after school on Wednesday the 23rd for anyone who needs to practice or needs help.


I need permission slips and $20 from all members as soon as possible.


Schedule for Saturday:


6am                Meet at FA

7:30-8am      Registration, signup and impound

8:30am          First Event session

1:20pm          Last Event session

3:00pm          Awards ceremony

After the awards ceremony we will return to Franklin Academy.


March 14, 2011

We are down to the last two weeks before the competition.  Please finish up your reference sheets or binders so I can look them over and make a copy. 


If you need help with any event or need to practice, contact me to set up a time to do so.


Reminder about the date and time:  Saturday March 26th.


We will need to leave school around 6 am to arrive at LA tech by 7:30-7:45.  Registration and impound starts at 7:30 am.  The first events begin at 8:30 am and the last is at 1:30pm.  The award ceremony is scheduled for 3pm.  I will have schedules for you to view as soon as I get locations for the individual events.


I also need $20 from each member to cover the costs of the T-shirt, registration and snacks and drinks for Saturday.  Please get this to me as son as possible.

I have heard that the location for the regional competition will be on March 26th at Louisiana Tech University.  I am waiting on an official schedule.  Plan to meet at school early that Saturday morning and we should be back by mid-late afternoon.


There will be a meeting at 10:05 am in Mrs. Jonson's room this Wednesday to discuss event scheduling.

State competition is Saturday, April 16th at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond.

Here is a copy of the letter from the meeting:


Attached are the event information sheets for the events you have been assigned. Please read them ASAP so you can see what you need to do to be prepared. Please look at your event on the website www.soinc.org so you can make the necessary preparations.

Make sure to see what kind of reference material you can bring to the event, if any, and start preparing it now. You will need to turn in any reference materials to me by March 10th, so I will have a chance to look it over and see what you may need to add. You will be at a serious disadvantage if you do not have good reference materials.

If you have something to build, it also needs to be completed by March 10th, especially if it needs to be tested. Please see me if you need help or if there is a problem.

For several of the events, there are things I will need to show you how to do. I will arrange a time that works for you to set up the equipment or explain how to do it.

If the event page suggests purchasing a guide, you may want to consider it. I don’t know how helpful they are since I have not seen them.

For more information, there is a good website which also has message boards to talk to students who have competed in the events before and know more than I do about them. There are also sample tests on the test exchange part of the Wiki page.

The links are




I will also be posting information on the school website www.facougars.org under C2 Cougar Connections then SCIENCE OLYMPIAD.


Remember the competition is Saturday, March 26th at Louisiana Tech. University. Expect to meet at school early in the morning and to stay through the awards ceremony which is usually over around 2pm. (I am waiting on an official schedule)