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Written by C. Lofton   
Wednesday, 01 September 2010 05:19

At the heart of every school are the educators who make up the teaching staff.

The faculty of Franklin Academy has an incredible range of experience to help guide your child's academic, mental and spiritual growth. Our staff consists of time tested, experienced teachers. Our staff is balanced between teachers who have brought several years' experience from other institutions and those whose majority teaching experience is at FA. In addition, the staff has a diverse range of educational experience in order to provide your child with a high quality, well rounded education.

You may be wondering what motivates our staff. Why do we teach? These reasons are as diverse as the subjects we offer. Motives range from inspiration drawn from a favorite teacher to a sense of commitment to our community or nation. It may be an intellectual fascination with a given discipline, such as English literature, graphic design, or the physical sciences.

However,  the most compelling reason is the desire to work with children. Teaching is a "calling," a yearning to help children learn, watch them grow, and make a meaningful difference in the world. Teachers desire to see your children nothing less than successful. We hope to help the parents of Franklin Parish see students make a significant impact on the future.

To this end you  will find a combined total of 325 years of educational experience, with 150 of those years MAIS experience. Forty percent of the FA faculty has earned degrees higher than Bachelor’s Degrees:

• 11 teachers/staff with Bachelor’s

• 7 teachers with Master’s

• 4 teachers with Master’s Plus 30 (or higher)

You will see our teachers involved in the community. We are involved in sports as referees, in the performing arts at the Princess Theatre, as volunteers and leaders in organizations like the Boy Scouts of America and Louisiana Junior Miss. Our faculty and staff members choose to practice the Christian faith by following various traditions of worship. (More on this above in the DIVERSITY section.)

Our staff is well-rounded with outside interests in everything from equestrian arts, gardening, and quilting, to martial arts, car racing, and music.

And as the saying goes, “If it is the truth, it is not bragging!” Here are some of the professional honors our staff has collected:

5 teachers who are members of Who’s Who among American Educators

5 former FA Teachers of the Year

1 former MPSA Teacher of the Year

1 Distinguished Educator of America

1 Outstanding American Woman

1 Princess Theatre Artist of the Year

1 Princess Theatre and NELA Volunteer of the Year

Various presenters and mentors

This is part of the story that makes up the people of our FA community. We would welcome the chance to get to know you better.

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